Coco Loco

When I was in the Netherlands for Easter a month ago, I stayed at Gina’s for almost a week and to my surprise, we weren’t talking THAT much about beauty-related stuff as I thought we would be. She, however, mentioned about applying coconut oil all over her body before she went to bed. To be very honest with you, I was a bit skeptical back then because I once bought a coconut oil-based body lotion from LUSH and it completely dried out my skin (I later found out that they decided to discontinued the product as there weren’t many people buying this product). Also, if you don’t already know, coconut oil is pretty much composed of saturated fat and having quite a bit of knowledge on it (thanks to my former employer and now sponsor) making me stay away from any saturated fat including lauric-type of fats like coconut oil as much as I could. I thought I would never ever apply any coconut oil to my skin again for the rest of my life, UNTIL I had a feel on how soft Gina’s skin is! Yep, it took me just a few seconds to convince myself to buy one pot of extra virgin coconut oil from De Tuinen when we were out in town. De Tuinen is perfect if you’re looking for supplements and they offer considerably good range of organic products. You will find different brands there, but the one I bought is the 100% organic Royal Green Extra Virgin Coconut Cream. They are available in two different sizes: 325ml and 1400ml. I bought the 325ml one for 7.99 EUR, which is a good deal considering the good amount of product I got. The ‘extra virgin’ tag also convinces me that this product is good because it hasn’t been chemically or physically treated yet.

Royal Green Extra Virgin Coconut Cream

I’ve been using this extra virgin coconut oil for a month now and I really feel that my skin is a lot softer. Twice a week, I take an extra warm shower at night before I go to bed and layer the molten coconut oil on my skin as soon as I got out of the shower to make sure that my body is still damp so that I get better absorption. Even better, I also take this chance to scrub ‘n shave in one of those two days prior to the coconut oil application. I feel like the coconut oil helps a lot in keeping my skin smooth after-shave. You can use both hot water and microwave to melt the oil. I personally prefer using hot water just because I’m used to doing it that way (again thanks to my ex employer), but using a microwave is fine and quicker. Melting it using a microwave will only influence the molecular structure of the oil, which is not important in this case. (Geek alert: ON).

It will, of course, feel oily the first time you layered it onto your body. So pay attention on how much you apply, a little always goes a long way with oil. It took me two times of application to actually get used to the oiliness, but the super soft feeling that I get on the next morning makes it all worth it. As this is non-treated oil, it leaves quite strong coconut smell but if I could sleep with coconut scent and waking up in the morning with a softer skin than ever, I would absolutely do it.  So if you think you can handle these, then what are you waiting for ladies?

P.S if you’re afraid to try this because coconut oil contains high amount of saturated fatty acid, don’t worry. In such case, the oil won’t get into our body. It will only penetrate into the skin itself.