Three Powder-tiers

I kind of went back and forth with what I should write about for my first review. But then I thought I should start with something universal, something most girls (and some guys) have in their beauty arsenal: FACE POWDER. I have tried a few of those but three that are hyped all over the beauty community or just all time favorite. These three powders have different range in pricing, however it does not determine my take on them.

From left to right: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, MAC Mineral Skinfinish Natural, Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte.

From left to right: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, MAC Mineral Skinfinish Natural, Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte.

First up, the latest powder addition to my collection is Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder (available in 7 shades) and mine is in the shade Warm Beige 006 which is perfect for my yellow undertone complexion. I was in the market for a new powder and thinking about trying a cheaper one than my Chanel powder. From the packaging, it has the Rimmel standard just like its other face product. Clear lid with the writing on it and it is not bulky. The size of the container is also good for swirling your kabuki or powder brush without making a powdery mess. It contains 14 gr of product so quite a lot to last you a good while. However, it does not really matter how much you are getting if it takes a lot in a single use, but fear not! a little goes a long way. To my surprise, the texture feels buttery and it is finely milled, especially for something that cost me 5 EUR (price is varied depends on where you buy).The coverage I’d say is medium (apart from the shade Transparent)  and it is good for both setting step or touch up. It does not look cakey at all nor it accentuates my dry area. For lazy days, I could even go with only concealing my imperfection and just powder on top, no foundation whatsoever. Well, some days, if I feel like it I put foundation first, still does not look cakey though. The down side of this product is that my face gets oily after 3-4 hours since the last application but I think its normal since I have dry/combination skin. Overall, this is a win product for me.

Next up, the infamous MAC Mineral Skinfinish Natural (available in 10 shades) and mine is in the shade Medium Plus. As I mentioned before, I have a yellow undertone and when I came to the MAC counter to purchase this product and asked the sales person what is the suitable shade for my complexion, she immediately said Medium Plus. This shade turned out to be a perfect match for my complexion EXCEPT that it has pink undertone. The packaging is so MAC! transparent lid with sleek black rim is simply gorgeous. It is not too bulky , perfect for putting it in your everyday bag. It contains 10 gr of product which is not as much as my Chanel or Rimmel powder. To make a mineral powder, it must be baked up to certain temperature. That lessen the weight of the powder. So, even though it is only 10 gr, it lasted me more or less 7 months. The texture is quite chalky and most often than not, even light pressed swirls on the product would cause a little mess. However I can tell it is finely milled and it has medium to full coverage. Some days, I apply this product as a mineral foundation (after concealing my imperfection) by using more than I normally use for only set up. I rarely use this together with a foundation because I find it too cakey, not necessarily means accentuate my dry area but I look ‘made up’. But then again it is every individual taste what kind of look they want to achieve, whatever that is, this product delivers. I do not recommend this product for touch up during the day, since it is very easy to go overboard with it and layering it up on top of what is left on the face will only make it worst. Although for everyday, I don’t find myself to have to touch up if I’m wearing this product in the morning. Well, next time I will make sure that I get the right shade with the right undertone, because I like the finish and it worth the money for what I get.

Lastly, my love Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte (available in 7 shades) and mine is in the shade 40 Dore. I have waited a long time before finally make a purchase since I was afraid I would be disappointed especially when it comes to a 39.90 EUR powder (you know, the expectation is higher. It is Chanel product after all). Luckily with a coupon plus seasonal discount, I got a little bit over half price. The packaging is black with a white Chanel logo on the lid, very sophisticated. It has a mirror and it comes with a powder puff. The product itself is 15 gr and has a Chanel print (but it is only on the surface). I cannot express more how I love this powder. It has the softest texture, very finely milled, it goes smoothly on the face, and in my case; the perfect shade with the right undertone. The coverage is light so usually I combine this with a foundation underneath. If you like the look of ‘people can’t tell that I am wearing a powder yet they see me with nicer skin’ then this powder is the right choice for you. It does not cake your face and it just give the most natural look. Ok, I hate to mention this too but as perfect as  this product is, it crumbles easily when I swirl my kabuki or powder brush on it (maybe because it is very subtle). It takes only 3 and a half months for me to finish it. I gotta say I am disappointed, my Chanel powder has more in quantity than my Rimmel and MAC powders but I can only enjoy it for shorter period of time. Now, I won’t be complaining about it if it doesn’t cost me a fortune. So far, the best powder I have ever used, but I will only repurchase if I can get it the same price I purchase it the first time.

So what face powder are you using?