Toner – Because Cleanser is Not Enough

I can’t remember the time when I don’t include any toner or facial spray/mist in my skincare routine once I washed away all my makeup with a facial cleanser (if you’re interested, you can click the related post link down below). I’m just a massive fan of facial mist or toner simply because our skin needs to be prep for better absorption of serum and moisturiser. After I gently dab or spray it on my face then I’m 100% sure that my skin is ready to roll. I know a lot of people might think that toner/facial mist is just for people with dry or dehydrated skin, but I personally think that whatever your skin type is you need to include that second stage in your morning and night skincare routine. Imagine it as putting on a screen protector on your brand new mobile phone. You need to make sure that your screen is clean and free from any dust/dirt before applying your screen protector, right?


The very first toner that I used was the Clinique Clarifying Lotion from their 3 Step Skincare System line. It wasn’t doing my skin any good, so I switched directly to their Moisture Surge line which is the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray. I bought this one when I was in Indonesia for a price that is equal to how much they sell it here in the UK (19,50 GBP ). I wasn’t impressed by it at the very beginning, but during the winter time my skin was just drinking it like crazy. It leaves my skin nice and moist and if you have chapped skin, this will mostly help you getting rid of that problem. Also, it is an oil-free formula, making it perfect for people with oily skin type.

The second toner that I tried was the Clarins Extra Comfort Toning Lotion. I’m particularly interested in this product due to the alcohol-free tagline that comes with it. I actually have an oily skin, but it often dehydrated so I thought an alcohol-free option might be better. Plus, the Extra Comfort line is targeted at people with dry/sensitive skin, which convince me even more. It is very gentle and it does the job. I honestly like it; I used up two bottles of this product. Sadly I need to put this relationship to an end because of the parabens and other preservatives that they use. For a 19 GBP price tag, our skin definitely deserves much more than those preservatives. I_3380810058215_50_20090227

The long journey of finding the perfect toner for my skin continues and I can’t help but to try out the one and only toner that everyone raves about: Michael Todd True Organics Blue Green Algae Antibacterial Toner. This is seriously 100% goodness in a bottle. It’s filled with fantastic organics such as organic aloe, organic kelp and organic blue green algae. Not to forget the Dead Sea salt, black willow bark and tea tree! Most importantly, it contains no paraben or any other preservative. Just like the Clinique Moisture Surge, this stings a little bit during application but it doesn’t give me that drying alcohol effect afterwards (none of the products mentioned here are). I suspect that the stingy feeling comes from the hyaluronic acid which works as toxins eliminator and skin-cell renewal enhancer. I feel like this toner really does the job as an antibacterial toner, it gives my skin such a fresh and clean feeling. I’ve been using this for almost a month now and I’m happy to settle down with it. The other good news is for an organic product, the price tag surely comes within the affordable range (18 USD for 230ml size).


Another great alternative is the Alpha H Moisture Boosting Facial  Mist. This is in my opinion a better and cheaper (11 GBP for almost the same amount of product) version of the Moisture Surge spray.  It has much more promising key ingredients like lavender oil, chamomile and witch hazel which is known as a strong antioxidant and astringent to fight acne and give skin protection. It’s also equipped with sodium PCA to retain the moisture in our skin.


All in all, the last two products have been helping me a lot in maintaining a well-hydrated skin but keep in mind that you also need to have a proper daily water intake and take some omega 3 oil if you want (this will help I promise!). It is also not suggested to use the freshen up facial water spray because it will wash off your face and leave you an even more dehydrated skin. Spraying water all over your face is not the solution here. Also, be careful not to use the proper facial spray/mist as if it is a water facial spray or it will be the same as applying moisturiser to your face every so often.