Top 5 Spring Nail Colours

From left to right: Revlon Red 680, Essie Mini How High, Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy, Essie A Crewed Interest, H&M Blue My Mind

What can I say.. I’m a sucker for nail polishes! I just can’t get enough of them somehow – naughty. I have to say that which colour I’m going to wear was pretty much based on either the season or my mood at that time. Since it is my favourite season of the year and I feel so grateful and happy for Mr. Sun that has been around lately, I thought I want to share with you my current top 5 spring nail colours.

Essie To Buy or Not To Buy (£7.99 from Boots)

On top of my list at the moment because I was so surprised by how pretty it turned out to be. It is exceptionally pretty – really. I’m saying this because I’m not a fan of any shade of purple at all, but I found that this particular colour is an exception.

Essie A Crewed Interest (£7.99 from Boots)

Part of the Spring 2012 collection along with the To Buy or Not To Buy. I’ve always wanted to have that one perfect peach shade and I finally found one. It is a very pretty pastel peach colour. I remember wearing it on the very first day of spring this year and I instantly fell in love with it. I still do.

Essie Mini How High (£7.99 from Boots)

Adore this lovely creamy pink colour. I would say I need to apply three or four coats to achieve the opaque coverage (usually two coats are enough for me), but I would not lie and say that it is not great for spring.

Revlon Red 680 (£4.49 from Boots)

I’m fully aware that most people would rather go with pastel during spring (at least I do), but I have to admit that I often get excited for the summer and feel all summery instead. When that time comes, I will always go for red nails. This is probably the only bright red nail enamel I have because I love it so much I don’t think I need another one (or not yet maybe?).

H&M Blue My Mind (£2.99 from H&M)

I especially include this underdog because it deserves to be here. I saw Meg from her youtube channel Meganisobel or her blog Lipssofacto included this in her monthly favourite video a while ago. I love how it looks on screen, so I decided to pick it up when I was in H&M. The quality is definitely more than I expected especially when it comes with relatively low price tag. This electric blue colour has made my day!

Tell me what are your colours this spring?