Spring/Summer 2013 Daytime Skincare Routine

22/3/13 Spring/Summer Daytime Skincare

This is a new routine for my daytime skincare. Some are repurchase products, some are brand new. After a few times of getting used to, this is my initial thoughts on each single product.

CleanserNude Purify Cleansing Wash (25 EUR)

When I read the review of this cleanser on Kate’s blog (GhOstparties), I was sold. This cleanser claims that it contains the n-probiotic™ nutrient, omega oils and cinnamon extract that thoroughly removes impurities and excess oil for a clear, balanced complexion. As written on the packaging, it is a purifying cleanser and it tends to lather more than a gentle cleanser. However, due to its relatively natural ingredients, it does not strip my skin leaving it dry after cleansing. Nude is famous for its non parabens, sulphates, synthetic colour and fragrance, mineral oil, silicone, and any other harsh chemical additive. The scent is heavenly, I swear if I could just wash my face all day long, I would. Perfect for the warmer months.

TonerMichael Todd Blue Green Algae Toner (18 USD) 7/5/13 Michael Todd blue green algae antibacterial toner

After using Clinique toner from their 3-Step line, I was traumatized. Never again will I ever buy toner. Until now. The reason being is Intan (aka Toner Freak) convinced me to try this goodie. And I think there is no better explanation about this toner other than what she has reviewed on our previous post. So without wasting more of my time (and yours), you can click here to read more.

MoisturizerRodial Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Moisturizer (56.29 EUR)

The Dragon’s Blood line targets the younger skin hence the cheaper price range compare to Rodial’s other lines. It supposed to plump and firm dehydrated skin with build in SPF 15 for protection. Its active ingredient that mainly focused in this moisturizer are Hyaluronic Acid and Gransil that are supposed to maximize absorption of moisture to prevent premature aging and tightened fine lines. The nifty name of this moisturizer comes from the red sap of the ‘sangre de drago’ tree. The packaging is a pump bottle which is more hygenic. The texture is light and it absorbs right away yet one pump is enough for the whole face. So a little bit goes a long way.

SunscreenSt. Tropez SPF 50 Face with Tan Enhancer (16.88 EUR)

Unlike any other sunscreen, this one formulated with Melanobronze, an ingredient that stimulates the body’s own melanin production to enhance the natural tan. I have been using this sunscreen since the winter season and I cannot tell whether my body’s natural melanin is enhanced, but then again this is not a fake tan lotion where the result is obvious. Nevertheless, as a sunscreen, it does its job very well. Non sticky, good substitution for face primer, no white cast, and it protects from both UVA and UVB rays. My only concern is whilst it does not have the typical old scent of sunscreen, it is a little bit too scented for my taste.

Lip ScrubLush Mint Julips (9.65 EUR)

This is a repurchase product, no doubt about it. If I compare it to some other lip scrub, it is by far the cheapest. Although having to spend nine euro something for 25 gr of sugar sometimes can be a little bit too much to justify. That is why I did not repurchase right after I finished my last jar, just to see whether this lip scrub really makes a difference and worth the money. My answer is; yes it does. It gets rid of flaky skin on the lips which makes a smoother canvas for putting on make-up and whatever lip moisturizer I use that day, does not just sit on top of the dead skin (gross!). The Mint Julips flavor is just my preference but any other flavor will do just fine. Don’t be fooled! This tiny jar will last me around five months with daily usage.

Lip MoisturizerFirst Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy (7.50 EUR)

Another repurchase product. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I purchase something else for a lip balm. Simple yet effective. This brand specialized in natural based products. And the lip balm is no different. The packaging is a simple tube, better than dipping my finger in a jar. I can’t pinpoint what it is but other lip balm I have tried before I settled forever on this one, never delivered. After I started using this lip balm, I rarely have to smear some more during the day. This product and I belong together.