We Share Beauty Featuring Kara Darusman


Can you tell us a little bit about you?

My name is Kara Darusman. I am 26 years old and I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I work as a Brand Marketer and recently won None Favorit Jakarta Pusat 2013.

What’s your skin type and your skin issue?

I have a combination skin. My T-zone tends to be very oily while my cheeks and some other areas are drier. Dark circles around the eyes and some visible large pores on my cheeks and forehead are some of my everyday facial issues I desperately want to get rid of.

You look radiant! What’s your secret?

Yves Saint Laurent Touché Éclat Radiant Touch in shade no. 3 (light peach) is such a quick fix to my under eye circles. I rarely have time to touch up my make-up and rely on this to brighten up my complexion after half a day. I usually apply it on my upper brow bone and the bridge of my nose as well for a fresher look. I love the sleek design, which is handy to carry around in my purse. Texture-wise, it is non-cakey and it gives a light coverage. This highlighter is such savior in a pen!

For your None Jakarta Pusat 2013 look, you rocked the red lipstick…

I love MAC lipstick in Russian Red! It has a matte texture which gives a classic and sexy look. However, it is recommended to moisturize your lips beforehand. It lasts 3 to 4 hours on me without have to reapplying it. I wore this for my traditional None Jakarta Pusat 2013 uniform. During the weekdays, I love the combination of this red lips look with my perfectly curled and extended eyelashes, nude eyeshadow and a dewy complexion that I achieve from my BB cream. It is such a simple, sexy and classic look!

Let’s talk skincare. What’s one product you cannot live without?

The SK-II Facial Treatment Essence seems to keep my large pores and dry patches issues under control. I started using this a couple of months ago and saw a difference in my skin. It gives good moisture, refines my pores and reduces the amount of sebum on my face. The rather expensive price is the downside of this product, so I tend to include this in my night time skincare routine before I go to sleep as it performs better while my skin is at total rest.

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You said you live in Jakarta. That means humid and hot day all year long. What’s your tactic to stay fresh?

I use the Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz on days when I have no time to do a proper skin regime. This product gives an instant fresh and flawless look to my skin. It moisturizes well and I love the orange scent, which is very refreshing.  On days where heat is unbearable, I use this on top of my full on face make-up and it wonderfully reduces the oil on my face.

What about your body care? You gotta keep your skin moisturize!

I have been a fan of the Body Shop Moringa Body Butter since 3 years ago. I love love love the rather thick yet light texture and its subtle floral fragrance. I personally think it absorbs quickly into the skin and keeps it moisturized for good several hours. I prefer to apply this at night so that it does not mixed up with my day time perfume scent.

Lastly, can you share with us your tips to be beautiful?

Eat well and exercise really makes a difference! I had a hard time disciplining myself, but trust me; you will crave for it once it becomes a habit. Drink plenty of water (it is a cliché but nothing is more true than this), have enough sleep, and spend your time doing what you love. Happy girls are the sexiest!