Play Safe, Use Protection

I don’t know about you, but I like to prep my hair if I’m going out (not if I’m only going to the supermarket across the street or to the gym next door). By prep I mean using hairdryer everyday and straightener only on days when I feel like giving my hair a little more polishing. I have quite a lot of hair and each strand is pretty thick as well. This means that if I don’t use a hairdryer, it will take some time just to have them dry naturally. Because of my mid length haircut, the end part tends to go all over the place when not styled using a straightener. To minimize the damage that may cause from the straightener, I just run a few quick strokes to my hair. My hair is naturally straight anyway and I like to keep it as natural looking as possible (not too neat).

I’m fully aware on how the application of heat will destroy the hair. Therefore, I take an extra protection to keep my hair as healthy as possible. The split ends are pretty much kept at bay since I’m using a heat protectant. I like Schwarzkopf as a brand in general; I feel like I can trust their products. So I thought the Got2b Guardian Angel must lift up to the standard.

got2b guardian angel

It claims to protect the hair up to 220oC heat. It comes in a 200ml spray bottle, which sadly not suitable to carry in the cabin as you travel by air. I spray it on my clean damp hair mostly halfway through the end of my hair. It’s not a 2 in 1 styling product that protect your hair from the heat as well, it will just plainly give an extra layer of protection. I don’t hate the scent, but it isn’t the nicest scent as well. To me, this product is a good option if you want something affordable (GBP 2.55 only!), widely available and most importantly does the job in protecting your hair from severe damage caused by heat styling tools.



Ok, Intan likes to prep her hair when she’s going out. I like to prep my hair pretty much any day going wherever. The difference is that I never use a straightener (maybe because just by using a hairdryer, my hair has the same silky smooth look that can be achieve usually only with a straightener). I prefer a curling iron. My hair is naturally curly but as I grow older, it becomes somewhat straight with a little bit of unruly wave. Both Intan and I love the effortless hair style.

I blow dry my hair every single day and I use a curling iron every other day (or sometimes even everyday for the whole month straight). So a heat protectant product is a must for my long hair. I am currently using Pureology Colour Stylist Fortifying Heat Spray. Pureology is specialized in products for the colour treated hair. It comes in a 170 ml spray bottle and it costs EUR 19. Now, I don’t have colour treated hair, but I assume that by using a hair heat protectant from this specialized brand, it will give more protection.

Pureology Fortifying heat spray

This product is also act as a hair primer. A primer helps whatever product I use next to absorb and make my hair stay longer in the perfect state just like when I have my hair freshly done. Of course the main purpose of this product is greatly served. It helps protect hair up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit when using heat styling tools and it has a very nice scent (too bad it doesn’t linger). The way I use it is right after I spray this all over from the mid section to the end of my hair, I distribute it more evenly using my fingers. As I use this only before I curl my hair (after blow dry), it does not have the crunchy, sticky feel on my hair. With a lot of heat I use on my hair everyday, I am pleased to report you that I don’t have dry ends nor split ends.