Summer & The Moisturizers

Summer is around the corner and these products are brighter than sunshine!


The hype product for summer season and one of the best seller at the Origins counters and websites everywhere. When the first Origins counter finally opened in the Netherlands, I jumped on the bandwagon right away. This moisturizer comes in a 50 ml opaque tube; very hygienic indeed. Before I made my purchase, I had this expectation of VitaZing as a tinted moisturizer due to most of the reviews I have seen were saying the similar thing. Plus, on the packaging,  it says “sheer tint release”. Boy, I was wrong! and it let me down.

VitaZing is NOT a tinted moisturizer. If you are looking for one, then buying this product will only disappoint you.


Origins VitaZing is claimed to be a energy boosting moisturizer that refreshes the skin with Mangosteen as one of the antioxidant ingredient. This product is suitable for the day time as it contains SPF 15 and it has a light texture yet moisturizing enough for the summer time (even for the dry skin). It absorbs in the right amount of time (not too fast that I can’t spread it evenly, hence more product needed in a single application). It has a fresh scent probably from the Mangosteen combines with the signature scent that happen to be in every Origins products I have tried. Lovely 🙂

It has a grey-ish color that blends into the skin without making my face looks grey, dull and lifeless. This is what I love about VitaZing; the second you apply this product, it gives such a healthy radiance and even out skin tone! It won’t cover up any blemishes, dark spots, nor any other imperfection (again, this is NOT a tinted moisturizer).  But let me tell you, this product improves the overall look of the skin instantly. I rarely use a foundation on top of this moisturizer simply because it looks surprisingly good already. For the long term result, it does what it promises. Moisturizing and energizing. Just like what Origins describes on the website; slip it on first thing tomorrow – you’ll look like you eat right, sleep tight & don’t have a worry in sight.



Throughout the year, no matter what the season is, I try to hydrate my skin as much as possible due to my combination skin type. My skin can get dehydrated even during spring and summer periods. I initially bought Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel to combat my extra-dehydrated skin last winter and surprisingly found myself using it until now. Yes, that is how much I like the product!

photo (1)

The name clearly speaks of its light creamy consistency. It claims to give immediate cooling effect on the skin and I could not agree more on that. It actually does give that cooling sensation on my skin afterwards. I especially love how it is quickly absorbed into my skin without being oily. I often found moisturizers that are aimed for dry skin complexion are so oily that they do not actually hydrate my skin. They just form an oil layer that does not really get into your skin – yuck! This product make sure that my skin gets the proper “drink” that it needs and I am safe to say that my skin is very well hydrated during the day.

It has a quite strong scent in my opinion, so if you are someone who does not like fragranced skincare or has very sensitive skin, you might not like this product. I just wish it comes in a plastic tube or pot because the current packaging is rather bulky and heavy to travel with.