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Both are shimmery bronzers, both are famous in the beauty community and has a worldwide fans. This year, summer is blazing hot in Europe and what’s more appropriate look than a radiant sunkissed complexion to match the perfect tan skin  Bourjois Délice de Soleil in no.14 is a drugstore bronzer for those who want to look like a million bucks without have to spend a fortune. NARS Bronzer in Laguna is every bit of the reason why it is worth the money you spend just to get your hands on this high-end, high-quality product.

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Bourjois Délice de Soleil in no.14

I am more of a blush rather than a bronzer girl. But my round-shaped face definitely requires some more dimension if I want to look more like my age. I don’t necessarily go for a contouring powder, just something that could give a touch of shadow on the outer part of my face combines with highlighting on the center of my face. I usually follow the ‘E3’ rule which is to apply bronzer on the temples, goes down to your lower cheekbones, and jawlines.

The product I’m currently using is Bourjois Délice de Soleil in number 14 for olive and tanned skin. This product only comes in 2 shades; the other one is for fair skin tone. I picked this one up because the beauty community seemed to love this product and I thought it was drugstore anyway so I really can’t go wrong with it. This product contains 8 g of product and it smells like chocolate. It has a rather unique packaging; a full size mirror on a lid that swivels 360 degrees.  It comes with a flat brush which in my opinion is very decent. As you can see the color is quite dark, perfect for someone like me with medium skintone with yellow undertone. It is very warm but surprisingly doesn’t come out orange-y on me. It has quite a lot of shimmer but doesn’t really show up on the skin. Moreover, the product consistency is very smooth on the face with the right amount of pigmentation to avoid any over bronzed face. How I use this product is by using the flat brush that comes with the product to create an apparent bronze lines on my lower cheekbones and then blend it with a duo fibre brush up to my temples and down to my jawlines.

This is overall a good product if you are looking for more of a warmer tone shimmery bronzer to achieve a subtle sunkissed look.


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NARS Bronzer in Laguna

I’ve always been a bronzer kind of girl since day one just because I prefer to have warmer skin complexion. I can go on without putting on any blush on my face, but I will always ALWAYS put on a bronzer to add a bit more definition and warmth.  I usually apply my bronzer on my cheekbones, temples and jaw line to structure my face a bit more.

As some of you might already guess, my all time favorite bronzer will be the NARS Laguna bronzer. To me, it has the perfect shade of tan for my medium with yellow undertone skin complexion. It’s not too dark yet enough to add that flattering glow on your skin with the help of a slight shimmer. What I love the most about this bronzer is that it doesn’t have the orange undertone as the others. It is pigmented, so a little goes a long way with this product. I’ve been using mine for more than a year now and I still got some left on the pan. I hit pan probably after 6 months. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth the 8 g of investment. The packaging is another thing that I love about this particular bronzer. I find NARS design pretty chic and I like their selection on the packaging material. It doesn’t get oily, you won’t see any fingerprint on it and it will give you a good grip on the product as well. For a bronzer, I think it comes in just the right size. It’s so compact that it doesn’t take that much space in my makeup bag and it has a big mirror inside as well (handy!).

When I finished this product, I might try some other bronzers in the market just to see if they’re any good but I think the NARS Laguna will always be the one that I’m coming back to.

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