Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Fragrance Mist & Hydrating Body Lotion

VS Fantasies Fragrance Mist & Hydrating Body Lotion Gift Set  contains of three pairs of scented body lotion and matching body mist. The fragrances include in this set are Pure Seduction, Love Spell, and Amber Romance. Each product is 125 ml or half of the regular size but you can always buy these separately in full size. But with this type of gift set, you can try out a few scents and it is a better value for your bucks.

victoria's secret featured image

I don’t know why they named it ‘hydrating’ body lotion because if i wasn’t mistaken, all body lotions are made to hydrate and moisturize? Whatever, their marketing team can do whatever they want. Moving on, I don’t usually go for a heavy fragranced body lotion just because I have a sensitive skin (prone to eczema). But these ones don’t cause me any flare up and actually if you smell it straight from the bottle cap, then yes the scent is very strong. But once you put it on your body and let it absorb, you can barely smell anything. As far as its ability to hydrate the skin, it is surprisingly good under one condition; strictly summer time. Which I think it’s very appropriate because these body lotions are very fast absorbing and not sticky at all. I don’t think it would be enough for the winter season or someone with a very dry skin. You might want to opt for the body butter from the same line. Overall, I don’t really care for the body lotion because I tend to use body butter instead, but for someone who wants lighter body moisturizer, then you cannot go wrong with it.

Now onto something that I love in the set; the body mists. I used them back in high school and so the smell brings back the memories. I am a perfume girl, but even the lightest scent in a perfume can be too heavy for me during the day time in summer months (I later found out it is not about the scent but the percentage of concentrate fragrance that is more likely higher in a perfume). So these are perfect. At least the ones in a set are very refreshing and they do not make (summer) sweat worse than it already is. They are not too overpowering which mean the longevity is not the best. You might want to have a few spritz again after a 3-4 hours. Personally, it is not a problem for me because the packaging is a plastic bottle; very handy and light to be carried around in your handbag.

pure seduction

Pure Seduction is my favorite out of the three. It is also Elle Fowler’s from Dreaming in Blush favorite scent from VS Fantasies line (what are the odds?!) The scent is described as a passionate romance of succulent red plum and sweet freesia. So I guess it is under the floral category. It is very fresh with a hint of sweetness in it. I usually pair up the body lotion and body mist together for those days where I just want to be casual yet still want to feel girly AND flirty at the same time. So far, most compliments came when I use this scent.

Love Spell

Love Spell was the first scent from VS Fantasies that I have ever tried back in high school. The scent is described as a vibrant, irresistible blend of lush cherry blossom and juicy peach. For me, it is very fruity and the strongest out of the three and therefore it is my least favorite. I think since I don’t like cherry fruit or anything cherry scented, I don’t usually go for this one. As you can see from the picture on the right side, it is still half full compare to the others. I usually use this when I just don’t want to waste my other perfumes or body sprays like when I have to do my chores or groceries shopping. amber romance

Did I write Pure Seduction as my favorite out of the three? What I meant was Amber Romance is my favorite out of the three. 🙂 I never seen people rave about this scent (for some reason it is not as popular as Pure Seduction and Love Spell). The scent is described as a sensual embrace of sultry amber and crème anglaise. For me this is a sweet and warm scent. Fragrance can be very personal to each individual and I think Amber Romance screams my name and my personality. i would definitely repurchase the full size of anything Amber Romance. I usually use both the body lotion and body mist when I am going out on the weekend preferably at night because this one does not give me the fresh feeling I get with Pure Seduction and Love Spell. So I tend to alternate Amber Romance with my perfumes.

What’s your favorite Victoria’s Secret scent?