Less Stafford Hair Growth Leave In Treatment

It’s been awhile since my last post because I was so busy with university stuff. I never thought that I would have the time to do other things beside doing lab work and making report. Now that I’ve met the deadline, I hope I can get back sharing some stuff with you 🙂

I was so bored with my short hairstyle the other day and decided to let my hair grow longer this time. I’m not very patience when it comes to waiting for my hair to grow simply because it takes ages, no kidding! It is not regularly trimmed (I know it should be) and I’ve never used any hair growth product or taken any supplement before. This is my first time using hair growth product and this product has helped me so much. My hair has grown rather fast once I started using this product. Some of my friends were actually surprised to see my long hairstyle in such a short time. It gave this to my little sister and one of her friends asked me about it because my sister’s hair has grown noticeably long as well (See? I told you it works!)

At the beginning I tried the conditioner, which I apply on wet hair during shower. I, however, find it a bit time consuming so once I’ve used up the whole pot I bought the leave in version. It is more expensive, but it’s easier to apply. I just spray it on clean damp hair throughout roots to ends and comb through.  I’m not sure if this product is widely available, but if you’re in the UK you can get it at Boots.

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