Skincare Staple #1

Elemental Herbology

During my Christmas and New Year’s holiday in Indonesia, this little guy is the one that I applied every single morning for a whole month as my daytime moisturiser. What I have is just a mini size (15 ml) that I got from the Elemental Herbology Oil Control Starter Kit and I thought it is the perfect size for travelling. I think the name of the product, Moisture Milk Ultra-light Facial Hydrator, says it all. It has quite runny consistency and when it says ‘ultra-light’, trust me, it is literally super light. This is by far the lightest moisturiser I have ever tried. It is quickly and very well absorbed into the skin, leaving no residue at all. Beside the travel-friendly size, I especially picked this moisturiser because I know it is going to be very hot and humid in Indonesia and I would want my daytime moisturiser to be as light as possible but also hydrating at the same time. For my combination complexion, this moisturiser did (and still does) a great job. I have oily but dehydrated skin, which is why I love how ungreasy it is and how it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day.

For me, this is the perfect moisturiser if you are in a hot or humid climate or if you have oily but dehydrated skin. Also, this product contains glycolic and lactic acids which are chemical exfoliants that help brighten and revitalise the skin. The tea tree and rosemary oils in it work as an anti-bacterial ingredients that are suitable for acne-prone skin. I’m not sure if it comes down to this product, but I noticed that my skin was clearer during that holiday time. The 50 ml size is rather pricey (42 GBP), but I would probably still get it once my minis are finished. I’ve been using the mini-size tube for more than a month now and I think I could still get another one-month use before I run out. Elemental Herbology, you impress me!

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