The Winter Wonder (Skincare Staple #2)

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It seems that my skin is always dehydrated throughout the year, but winter makes it even worst. In times like these, this particular product is such a good stuff to keep my skin hydrated.  If you don’t already know, the Origins Drink UpTM line has two types of mask. There’s the 10-minutes one and the one I have, which is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. According to the name, you apply this mask on clean skin before you go to bed and leave it overnight for intensive hydration. I put this on my face as the very last step on my night skincare routine, gently massaging it onto my skin just like I always do with my moisturiser. It has a strong fruity scent that is so yummy I can almost eat it!

Strangely, this product doesn’t work as good as if I use it in the morning. So, I apply this mask after I cleansed my face in the morning and leave it during shower. Once I finished, I take some excess off from my face with a flannel. I suppose you can also tissue it off or use a cotton pad and toner. Then I will just continue with my usual morning skincare routine. This way I really feel that my skin is moist, plump and ready to face the day. I do this every other day during these winter months. I don’t tend to use this product in the summer, but it’s a must during a long-haul flight (at least for me). The clear appearance makes it very convenient to be used in public.

This product comes in a 100 ml size tube, which I personally prefer. It takes ages for me to empty one tube and with 22 GBP price tag… I think it’s worth it!

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