The Era of Chemical Exfoliants

This subject is very close to our heart that we decided to put together both of our favorite products into one post as they serve the same purpose. We personally think that exfoliating… Continue reading

Spring/Summer 2013 Daytime Skincare Routine

This is a new routine for my daytime skincare. Some are repurchase products, some are brand new. After a few times of getting used to, this is my initial thoughts on each single… Continue reading

Top 5 Spring Nail Colours

What can I say.. I’m a sucker for nail polishes! I just can’t get enough of them somehow – naughty. I have to say that which colour I’m going to wear was pretty… Continue reading

Sleek Blush by 3

Sleek is a drugstore equivalent brand from the United Kingdom, although I think it is not always sold everywhere but these blushes are worth the extra hassle. Ladies and gentlemen, I shall present… Continue reading

Toner – Because Cleanser is Not Enough

I can’t remember the time when I don’t include any toner or facial spray/mist in my skincare routine once I washed away all my makeup with a facial cleanser (if you’re interested, you… Continue reading

It All Starts With Facial Cleansers

Facial cleanser is very essential to prepare a nice clean canvas before put on the rest of the skincare step and/or make-up. Better penetration of the skincare product can only be achieve on… Continue reading

Coco Loco

When I was in the Netherlands for Easter a month ago, I stayed at Gina’s for almost a week and to my surprise, we weren’t talking THAT much about beauty-related stuff as I thought we… Continue reading


Hi Beauties! This is the very first post EVER and we would like to welcome you to join us here on We Share Beauty. This is what we love to do! Enough chit… Continue reading

Three Powder-tiers

I kind of went back and forth with what I should write about for my first review. But then I thought I should start with something universal, something most girls (and some guys)… Continue reading